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# About Me

Create, Design & Code

I selects and showcases future thinking, progressively designed sites together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations. I places special emphasis on appearance, but also the way page is built up in terms of ease of use and the way content is presented. ABSOLUTE DEVELOPER

The Absolute Developer ™ approach to website development is tailored to your specific needs. Our aim is to take your vision and evolve it into a unique online solution that will achieve your goals. Absolute Developer ™ prides itself in a structured project cycle that has been refined over more than ten years, starting with the client brief and in more complex projects a full wire frame of the project. From here we work through various phases of design and database development in order to produce a complete website.

# Experience

in webdesign

Years of experience in the website design field combined with a dynamic database development team allow us to provide customised content management website solutions, ecommerce online shopping websites and slick corporate website designs.

# New projects

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In terms of communication, a website is an easy-to-use, globally accessible tool that is available to anyone at any given time, provided that it has been designed with the user experience, as well as the client’s objectives first. No matter what type of website we are designing, we always start with the clients brief at the drawing board putting ideas on paper. All our designs and website templates are tailored. With the evolution of the internet and online products, website design and development has become a unique and sophisticated product.

PHP & MySql

# Education

Security ScripT

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Website design is a very broad term used to describe many different skills used in the process and production of website design and development. It is also a blanket term used to define the disciplines involved in the development and maintenance of websites. ABSOLUTE DEVELOPER ™ offers experience and knowhow in the areas of website interface design and development as well as bespoke Content Management System Driven Websites and Databases.

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What? You haven’t created a website for your small business yet? You’re not alone. By now, almost every small business owner is aware of the importance of having a website, but many haven’t taken the plunge yet because they feel overwhelmed by the process. One of the best ways to combat this is to break it down into small steps and collect everything you’ll need before you tackle your new site.

  • Alban Dibrani
  • (GER) Deutschland, Saarland
  • Site: www.dibrani.tk
  • Email: info@dibrani.tk
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